January 2018 – Tourist Zip Line.

Proposed Tourist zip line for Oamaru Tourists. The photograph above shows an aerial view of the Oamaru Harbour. In its current state, it is a respected wildlife sanctuary to Little Blue penguins, white-fronted shags, black shags, red-billed gulls,  and white-fronted terns.
We are also visited by NZ Grey fur seals, the odd sea leopard and an eclectic mix of other coastal wildlife.
In Oamaru, we locals are proud to show off the best that this little town has to offer. The Old Victorian precinct, a myriad of late Victorian and Edwardian architecture Steampunk HQ along with other esoteric arts and craft shops. Not to mention the very many excellent places to have a meal and the starting point of the Ocean to Alps Cycleway.
When the sun goes down the town comes to life, not with people but penguins, little Blue Penguins. An example of which is the evening fairy penguin parade a commercial operation that boosts the number of tourists exponentially. This can be found at the bottom end of the Harbour down by the breakwater.
The question is. “Do we need a tourist zip line from the Quarry to the breakwater?” In my humble opinion a resounding NO. it will destroy the peace and tranquillity of the area, it will increase vehicle traffic to the harbour increasing noise pollution and posing a greater danger to the resident nesting penguins.
I know that “Shags” black and white-fronted cormorants are not as endangered as other groups of seabirds but coastal erosion has seen many of their offshore nest sites destroyed by climate change, rising water levels, coastal surges and very recently King Tides. This will be an ongoing problem. One that will not go away but worsen in the next few years.
What follows are a few photographs of the existing harbour. Your opinions would be valued.

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